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18 June 2004

BME Project report

The project was started in July 2002 and ended in March 2004. It was initiated by Community Fund’s senior management team in response to concerns expressed by the London management team about the number of small black and minority ethnic (BME) led groups who were running into difficulties delivering their project, sometimes to the extent that grants were withdrawn. There was also concern that smaller BME groups can find accessing our funding more difficult.

The project involved:
  • Providing intensive support to groups who matched the profile of organisations falling into difficulties
  • Undertaking research and targeted outreach

The main aim of the Project was to see if this kind of intervention increased the liklihood of the funded project being run successfully.

The report gives details of our research and findings. It offers possible explanations for some of the results and gives details of how we plan to support small groups in the future.

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