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24/05/04 Scottish lottery money creating more opportunities for independent living
Organisations throughout Scotland are set to benefit from a cash injection of over 1.75m from the National Lottery.

02/04/04 Size doesn't matter, says lottery distributor
Figures issued today by the Community Fund in Scotland show that small organisations are more likely to access lottery funds than big charities and that they are better at making applications!!

06/05/04 More help to get lottery funds now available in Scotland
Extra help and advice for people looking for lottery funds is paying off in Scotland! Six groups have benefited from grants announced today, all of them taking advantage of the Community Fund’s new way of providing pre-application support.

14/04/04 New grant making process: Your questions answered
In January 2004 the Community Fund began piloting a new process for grant making in Scotland. This involves applicants initially completing an outline proposal before completing a full grant application.

05/01/04 Easier, quicker access to lottery funds in Scotland pilot!
Potential applicants in Scotland can take part in our pilot scheme to shorten assessment times, boost success rates and reduce disappointment.

06/02/04 Brain injured receive cash boost from National Lottery
Every 30 minutes someone in Scotland sustains a brain injury. That’s about 15,000–20,000 brain injuries a year. At least a third of these people will still experience problems a year later, including personality change, short-term memory loss, inability to concentrate, depression, epilepsy, headaches, deafness and loss of vision, to name but a few.

05/12/03 Lottery to fund major new health facility in Forth Valley
A major new facility for people with sensory impairment is being planned for Central Scotland thanks to a partnership between statutory and voluntary organisations. The overall cost of the project will be 1.4m and the National Lottery distributor, Community Fund, announced today that it has awarded a grant of 284,000 to The Forth Valley Sensory Centre Trust, which will contribute to building construction costs.

03/10/03 Strong demand for Lottery funds in Scotland
The National Lottery distributor, the Community Fund, today announced a bumper package of 63 grants worth 7m. In this latest portfolio, nine national organisations have received grants helping to make a difference to the lives of people throughout the country – as well as a further 54 local projects all over Scotland.

18/07/03 Lottery funds helping to make life easier for those in need
Two national organisations have received funding from the National Lottery to help make life a little easier, both for carers and for those suffering from cancer.

23/05/03 Lottery funds children's rights project
Save the Children Fund has secured funds from the National Lottery to help some of Scotland's most deprived youngsters become active players in their communities.